Human waste exhausters dumping in Kajiado rivers

Ngong resident Hassan Saleh in a manhole built by exhauster service providers for dumping waste.Photo Obegi Malack

By Obegi Malack                       

Ngong residents have asked The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) to take action against human waste exhausters dumping the sludge in a manhole near Ngong mosque.

The residents complained that the lorries have been releasing wastewater from toilets into the manhole for a long time and no action has been taken despite reports being made to environment offices.

“The dumping has been ongoing for a long time with no action taken by concerned officials,” said Ngong resident Hassan Saleh.

There is no sewage line in all heavily populated towns in the region and human waste exhauster services are a booming business.

Charges for the services in the towns range from between Sh9,000 to 15,000 shillings, with some of the waste dumped in the manhole coming from as far as Ongata Rongai.

Saleh said the waste is diverted to the Mbaghati River which is now contaminated and poisonous to residents who live along the river and animals.

Former Ngong Civic leader Felix Githaiga says the town has no sewer system and some of the lorries dump the waste in an old sewer line that was put up decades back to serve few people.

He said the town needs a new sewer because the old line blocked and it cannot be reused,

Kajiado Environmentalist Christopher Mureithi said the residents have also turned the rivers Mbagathi and Kandisi to sewer dumping sites. 

He asked homeowners to put up waste treatment facilities rather than releasing raw sewer into rivers and roads.

“Property owners are deliberately draining their toilet waste into these water bodies killing life in them and affecting domestic and wild animals,” he said.

Ngong Municipality manager George Kuubai said every household should manage its sewer because flats should have septic tanks which should be emptied as often as possible.

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