Governor Ntutu to involve locals in selection of projects


Residents of Narok County will this week get an opportunity to participate in decision making on the projects that they  be considered in every ward.

Governor Partrick Ole Ntutu has said that he has disbursed 12 million shillings for bursary for the needy and orphaned children and that the girl child will be given the first priority and the first lady will be given a priority to counsel them.

Ntutu emphasized that the residents will no longer travel outside the county to get treatment and he will work hand in hand with all stakeholders in serving the residents in five years.

He added that hunger will be curbed by feeding the hungry through donated food relief from the National government and promised to refurbish the airstrip.

Deputy governor Tamalinye Koech said that the County Integrated Development Plan is a five year plan that integrates all the governors programs that contains the inputs of the governor’s manifesto and public participation is a democratic program where the residents are given a chance to share the ideas and implement in a period of five years and caters for people of all walks including women, youth and people living with disabilities.

He emphasized that there is no county that is supposed to spend without framework plan on the management of funds and this goes hand in hand with governor’s manifesto and has said that they will work hand in hand with the residents to accomplish their tasks.

Narok Town MCA Lukas Kudate  said that they had a public participation for the residents in order to now the projects that will be given first priority and is stipulated in the law and has never been done since devolution time.

Kudate thanked the governor for launching the CIDP process where residents have been given chance to participate and a good number have articulated the issues affecting them from various departments including water, roads, markets, agriculture, airstrip, education and other services that the residents of Narok Town needs.

He said that the residents were happy to have been called to participate and that they were grateful when they were nominated and selected 5 committees who will be supervising the ward development fund and oversee all the projects and they promised to own the projects as theirs.

Kudate said that a new morgue will be constructed and a burial site be purchased  and said that he will support girl child by constructing a boarding school to prevent school drops.

The MCA said that he will ensure that the residents pay taxes in so that they can be given services and promised them to lower the rates which they will be able to pay fully and urged the residents to get NHIF so that they can be treated at Narok Referral Hospital freely and thanked the governor for improving health services at the county.

He concluded by saying that he will ensure that the needy children that is the orphans will be sponsored to the fullest so that they can finish their education and have created a red file for total orphans and that roads will be tarmacked  and upgraded.

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