Good Samaritan launches initiative to feed community

By Michael Opiyo

After the first case of Covid -19 pandemic was confirmed in Kenya efforts to combat the disease have caused disruptions that have affected livelihoods of many residents. To date many people are struggling to survive after some of them lost their jobs while traders are counting losses.

In Kajiado West Sub-County where most families depend on buying and selling livestock, many residents are suffering.

Joel Milton Kuresha, moved by the suffering of residents launched an initiative to feed the community. Kuresha, a Business Administration and Management holder from St. Paul’s University has so far have distributed foodstuffs to more than 84 households with support from Memusi Foundation.  He is aiming to reach over 200 households.

Speaking to County Press  he said he distributes foodstuffs, learning materials to pupils in Manyattas in the region.

“I observed what the community was undergoing and realized that many lacked food in their homesteads. I thought the best way to serve the society was by distributing food to residents in their homes while also creating awareness about hand washing and social distancing to combat the virus.

“Most residents don’t understand the importance of hand-washing and other measures recommended by the Ministry of Health in fighting the pandemic,” he noted. “I decided to sensitize them on washing hands, social distance, using face masks, sanitizers and  to stay at home to stop the spread of the pandemic,” he noted.

He said the foodstuffs are distributed to the vulnerable people, especially widows and orphans in Ilparakuo, Komiya, Murandwa, Shompole and Oldonyonyokie in Magadi region.

Joel said that his initiative has had an impact on the community who are ready to observe the measures recommended by the  Ministry of Health to curb spread of the virus.

“Even though, learning institutions were shut down it doesn’t mean that the students should relax without studying at home. That’s why I took the initiative of giving out learning materials to the manyattas where these vulnerable students live. Many couldn’t afford to buy books,” he said.

Joel appealed to any well-wishers, NGOs and leaders to come to support his initiative.

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