Global Foundation officials deny fraud claims, say they have sponsored students

By Our Reporter

Global Foundation Alliance has defended itself against claims of defrauding parents in Kitengela, Kajiado County.

The Foundation has stated that an individual who was accused of defrauding parents is not their co-ordinator and the officials who collect money on behalf of the foundation are ordained by bishops.

Moses Nandwa Co-ordinator Kitengela claimed a Kitengela pastor who claimed she wired  Sh1.3 million to the organisation is not their member.

“The pastor is from another church and not from Global Alliance and she is out to defame the name of Global Alliance,” he said. He noted that the management will take action.

In a statement to media a pastor had claimed she was the organisation’s chief co-ordinator until June 2021 when she left the foundation and had wired money to the foundation.

Nairobi County nominated member of county assembly; Margret Mbote said the organisation has wired money to fifty students in her children’s home.

Mbote who is also St. Paul’s Children’s Home Rongai director said the foundation has also awarded funds to several students she recruited and is planning to offer job opportunities and scholarships to students.

“The individual who has been accused of taking parents money and not channeling them to the right office should be charged and refund parents their money,” she said.

Mbote said the registration of students has already been closed and they have begun paying school fees to those who had registered. Parents used to register with Sh300 for primary school children and Sh500 for high school students.

Ngong co-ordinator Scholar Mungai noted that the foundation channels money to schools in phases and urged parents to be patient.

Nairobi County Mukuru kwa Reuben co-ordinator Metronota Achieng said some of the students she recruited have already benefited from the foundation.

The organisation was introduced in Kenya in the year 2000 and started recruiting parents in Western and Nandi regions. It has now 36 branches around the country and operates in several countries, Bishop Joseph Nandwa heads the organisation in Kenya.

The organisation supports orphaned children and those living with HIV, single mothers, people with disabilities and widows. They award to Sh 8,000 per term for primary school students, Sh 19,000 for those in secondary and Sh 45,000 per term for university or colleges students.

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