First lady;We should uplift the vulnerable

By Bell Pere

The First Lady has urged the society to protect the futures of the vulnerable that include the women and the children who play a major role in the society.

Speaking during the commissioning of Olkuruto Primary School and Oloserian Women Empowerment center, Margaret Kenyatta, held that the society should continue protecting the girls alongside boys and women from harmful cultural factors for them to have a bright future.

“We must support and protect our daughters from early pregnancies and marriages that affect their development,” she added.

She encouraged the girls, boys and the women for they had a potential to become anything they would wish to be in future including teachers, doctors and persons of high places in the society and the government.

According to the first lady, empowering women and giving them opportunities to develop themselves through projects such as the Oloserian, was known to have a rippling effect within the country.

“I myself have witnessed the impact of empowering a woman for not only will she improve her life but that of her family, her society and the country at large,” she said.

Margaret commended Fr. Francis Rodriguez and the various donors who assisted in the construction of eight permanent classrooms and a water borehole within the school that would serve the community. She congratulated them for giving the people of Olkuroto area life changing projects that gave hope and lifting the livelihoods of women and promoting the girl child alongside boys.

Present during the commissioning ceremony was Narok Governor Samuel Ole Tunai who also sincerely thanked Fr. Francis and his partners for their commendable work. According to him the Maasai people throughout history have taken the longest time to accept education and its benefits.

“My government has for the past seven years pressed harder to ensure that the people of Narok are availed the opportunity of sitting in a class and not only a class but a conducive learning environment,” he added.

He also avowed to avail a space in the game reserve and the soon to be completed airport, where the women would sell their products that included shangas and other cultural artifacts to tourists visiting Maasai Mara game reserve.

Narok West Member of Parliament Hon. Gabriel Tonkoyo who was also present during the ceremony avowed also to commit some funds from the County Development Funds Kitty in constructing a teacher’s quarter.

Dominic Rakwa Member of County Assembly Siana Ward, thanked the first lady for accepting the Olkuroto Primary school to be renamed after her to Margarete Kenyatta Olkuroto Primary School,for according to the society Olkuroto which means a hopeless land where no vegetation could possibly grow now had a little hope.

First lady Margaret Kenyatta officialy launching Olkuruto primary school. Photo Bell Pere
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