Encroachers on Kajiado town airstrip land evicted

By Abdi Hussein

More than 15 families which  had encroached into  the only  Kajiado town airstrip land has been forcefully evicted and their homes demolished.

The county government of Kajiado evicted the families living in a part of 100 acres  piece of land -within Kajiado town-after  encroachers ignoring three notices to move out.

Under county government askaris tight security ,a bulldozer brought down manyattas mid January 2020 and other temporary structures on the land.

The victims are said to have moved into the land several years ago after selling their ancestral pieces  land making it hard for aircraft to use the strip.

Slowly they had begun putting up permanent houses despite county government warnings.Some individuals are said to have  begun advertising the land for sale  to unsuspecting land buyers.

Helplessly,they watched as the place they called home  for years was flattened down,livestock let lose and poultry ran helter skelter.

Though they acknowledged the land was public, they argue they dont have an option home to go to.School going children education seemingly disrupted.

Emily Mogirra said they had been left homeless and more vulnerable,”We know the land belong to the government.We were hopeful our children will atleast have a place to call home.We have no option but to be spending in the cold,”She lamented.

However,most of them were evasive where they had come from or what happened to their ancestral pieces of lands.Reliable source inndicate men eyeing the land used women and children to “test the waters”.

Kajiado lands CEC Hamilton Persaina said this was  a well ochestrated scheme to grab public land which has become common in Kajiado county.

Hamilton warned the land department will be moving in earnest to reclaim other encroached public lands especially in satellite towns.

“Let all public land grabbers disguising as “land less” to know we are coming for them.We have already identified public encroached lands especially in satellite towns in the county.We won’t spare anyone,”Said Hamilton during the eviction.

The airstrip will forth with be secured to keep away unscrupulous land brokers said to be eyeing the land.

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