Drama at Kitengela as patient strips naked in protest

By Christine Tarayie

Drama unfolded at Kitengela town recently when a new mother took to her heels with her infant’s file from hospital claiming the nurses were blocking her from taking her child home.
The Middle-aged identified as Christina Akoth is said to have delivered at Kitengela Medical Hospital, a private facility on April but developed complications a few days later and was re-admitted.
However, she claimed that when she was to be discharged, a nurse allegedly blocked her from taking her child home.
The situation took an ugly twist the following day when Akoth reportedly dashed out of hospital with her child’s file naked attracting members of public, before she was cornered by hospital staff who took away the file and left her wailing.
Well wishers then helped to cloth the patient who was wailing uncontrollably.
Irate members of public surrounded the hospital demanding justice for the patient as police officers from Kitengela police station rushed in and restored order.
After an hour of cat-and-mouse between the hospital administration and the child’s father, the parents were later reunited with their child.
The mother alleged the hospital adminstration has been denying her rights to access her baby.
“This hospital was planning something fishy, for over 24 hours I have been denied access to my baby. When I was supposed to leave the nurse was blocking me when I demanded my baby,” claimed Akoth.
Her husband said the situation was smooth until the hitch occurred making his wife feel she was losing her child.
Members of public faulted the hospital administration for the incident.
Attempts to reach the hospital administration for comment were futile as the media was blocked from accessing the hospital.

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