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Ngong town,most people have built on water way channels, others discharge sewerage water to public roads and storm water drains.Photo By Obegi Malack

County to hold waste water control forum this week

By Obegi Malack

The Kajiado County government department of Medical Services, Public Health and sanitation will this week hold meetings with stakeholders and residents on waste management in Kajiado North and Kajiado East sub counties.

The meeting will be held in the sewerage affected wards which are Kitengela, Oloosirkon, Kaputiei North, Ongata Rongai, Nkaimurunya and Ngong.

The department issued the notice for attendees to deliberate and support clean environment free from waste. There have been cases of landlords discharging sewerage water to public roads and storm water drains.

The department had issued a notice a month ago threatening to take action to anyone found discharging sewerage water but it is not clear if any action has been taken to the offenders.

In Ongata Rongai, Ngong and Kitengela, landlords connect waste water pipes illegally and pump the water at night or when it rains to public roads.

In Rongai, a resident Ruth Mwihaki had complained bitterly on social media accusing Wise Apartments on Kimani Road of intentionally diverting sewerage water to roads.

Public Health Act Cap 242 demands all premises owners to contain waste water in their plots.

The notice signed by County Public Health Officer Sophia Setian also indicates that the county government in conjunction with the National Government is in the process of providing sewerage works in Kiserian town, Loitoktok town and will also provide the services to other towns.


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