Council of governors hold four-day retreat in Naivasha

By Nancy Masit

The council of governors has just concluded a four day retreat held at Great Rift Valley Lodge in Naivasha.

The forum brought together governors, deputy governors , the national treasury , office of the auditor general , commission on revenue allocation, public procurement Regulatory Authority, Salaries and remuneration Commission, development partners and private sector and their purpose was to address common challenges to ensure smooth service delivery across the 47 counties.

The controller of the budget and central Bank of Kenya shall put in place an automation system by December, 2022 so as to eliminate the movement of county officers to Nairobi for clearance of payments and the national treasury shall disburse the funds due to county governments within the statutory timelines.

They discussed that the national treasury, the council of governors and the commission on Revenue Allocation shall have working committees to develop position papers on how to handle among others, the payment of salaries of the Early Childhood Educators and development spending and a meeting will be held between council of Governors so that the governors can be appraised on the structures of the board, its governing regulatory frame work and flow of funds to the concerned counties.

The governors shall support the office of the Auditor General in promoting Accountability in the management of the public funds and inter- governmental relations Technical committee shall ensure that all devolved functions shall be transferred to county governments and the attendant resources shall follow them.

The county public service Management shall work together with the county Pension fund and salaries remuneration Commission on the management and gratuity and pensions and move amendments to the county government act on the appointment of tenure of the County Chief Officers, harmonize salaries and benefits of all officers in the county, review job descriptions and the governors appointees and award salaries commensurate to their roles and review the Transition Authority 2013 circulars on advisors to reflect the current labor market to allow traction of competent officers.

The County Procurement shall ensure that the procurement function is undertaken by the procurement professionals  defined by the Public Procurement Law and the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority shall convene a capacity building workshop with County Supply Chain Officers to appraise them on various procurement methods and process.

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