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Corruption driving us to the abyss

Corruption is actually driving us down to the abyss. It dismembers the nation and leads to real di­saster. What our corrupt and degenerate leaders need to know is that corruption has inflicted festering wounds on us Ke­nyans.

Right from when Kenya attained her independent in1963, leaders abetted graft. One leader is alleged to have told cronies to squander as much as they can, but should they be found it will be upon them (Kula lakini ukipatikana itakuwa shauri yako!)

This philosophy of eating precipitated “a man eat man society.” With that mind­set Government officials went full blast to grab and squander resources including land. That grabbing mania gave birth to what one patriot termed ‘a country of ten millionaires and ten million beggars.’

In 1978 Kenya entered the sec­ond era (regime) after the demise of its founder. In that era the helmsman (read Moi) inherited the legacy of corruption and to make the matters worse he urged Kenyans to follow the foot-prints ‘fuata Nyayo’, of the past regime.

Moi coerced Kenyans to abandon smuggling “muachemakento” (read Ma­gendo).

The only antidote against corruption is for all Kenyans to stand up and pro­nounce a big ‘No’ to graft.

John Kipukel ole Maturah

Kiserian, Ongata Rongai

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  1. You will never get hold off the corruption until you are able to unite the people in a peaceful revolution! The gainers gain to much and it´s all the way up in the government, Police, law institutions, attorneys, etc.
    New politicians are following the same pattern, which is so awful! They can see there citizens starve to death and still put money in there own pockets!! Why can´t the leading people see that the future in there country is to educate there people! An educated people is the key to the development off the country!

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