Commissioner warns young girls sex workers operating in Kajiado

Kajiado North Sub-County Assistant County Commissioner Shebah Osiemo. Photo By Malack Obegi

By Our Reporter

Kajiado North sub county assistant county commissioner Shebah Osiemo has said prostitution of young girls is a prohibited practice and will not be allowed in Kajiado North sub county.

The ACC said local administrators have been alerted to take action to young girls engaging in such activities in the region.

Speaking to County Shopper Osiemo said the community should share information on persons engaged in prostitution for action to be taken, she said measured have been taken to ensure such vices are stopped.

In the region Ongata Rongai Honolulu centre and the market area are famous sites for prostitutes.Young girls lineup along the corridors from as 7pm doing prostitution, the centre is a stone throw from chief’s office and a police container that operates as a temporary cell for lawbreakers.

“The security officers have come up with measures and am sure actions have been taken against those who rent out their premises for prostitution,” she noted.

Osiemo said due to Covid-19 young girls are involved in prostitution to put food in the table and underage operating businesses such as boda boda which she said is not allowed.

She challenged parents to ensure their children are back to school, locals administrators have been updated to ensure every child is back to school.

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