Bunge la Mwananchi to be involved in forums, Osoi says

Kajiado County Assembly speaker Johnson Osoi (r) and Kajiado County Bunge la Mwananchi movement speaker Simeon Nyakoe during the movement session .Photo Obegi Malack

By Obegi Malack

Kajiado County Assembly speaker Johnson Osoi has said the County Assembly will engage Kajiado County Bunge la Mwananchi movement in public participation and budget making processes.

The speaker who joined the group in their weekly session in Siron Place Kajiado North Sub County said the group will be crucial in representing common citizens in many issues that involve the national and county governments.

“The people’s parliament is crucial for our society we will engage other partners to support them,” he said

The bunge’s speaker Simeon Nyakoe said the County Government of Kajiado and National government should pass a law to facilitate such movements to oversight the governments to better manage resources.

He said the forum is involved in socio-economic and political issues affecting common mwananchi’s lives as well as the entire community.

“We are watchdogs more people should join and contribute to better the society,” he said. The speaker demanded the county to involve the movement in governance.

The forum will be used to ensure governments comply with the law and reduce excess spending.

The members who represent different sectors debate on issues that affect the community and present the memorandum to elected leaders in county and national government to be debated in parliaments and in the county assemblies.

The Bunge La Mwananchi movement was established in the early 1990s, it emerged as critical grassroots social movement in the framing and agenda setting for national debate in Kenya. Key leaders have emerged from the movement.

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