Bunge la Mashinani Narok chapter launched

By Nancy Masit


Narok County residents have launched Bunge la Mashinani Narok Chapter to fight for their rights.

The initiative representative Dr. Githaiga Kamau said that there will be 47 initiatives to represent citizens.

He advised the Maasai community to make use of the initiative to ensure their constitutional rights are respected.

Githaiga thanked the Mashinani Initiative for visiting Narok and teaching the locals about their rights and how to voice their issues that they need to be addressed.

The AAH project coordinator madam Caroline Jepchumba welcomed Bunge la Mashinani representatives and said that as a civil society they should come together and work towards serving residents of Narok County and advised them to work closely with partners in order to achieve their goal.

She added that Bunge La Mashinani initiatives will be launched at every sub county.

Mr. Eric Mutura Mbugua who is the presiding speaker Bunge La Mashinani Initiative said that they will educate the public-on-public participation, civic education and issues of governance.

Mutura noted that they get support from members of good will and they are empowering residents on their rights and congratulated Mark Karbolo for being nominated as the speaker of Narok Bunge la mashinani.

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