Bodaboda Operators storm Kajiado county govt offices, protest against taxation

Bodaboda Operators have held protests in Ongata Rongai Kajiado North sub county against Kajiado County government’s plan to tax them.

The operators stormed the county govt offices on Friday demanding county govt officers to stop collection of the taxes.

 Alex Gitari who is the chair Kajiado County Branch Boda-Boda Safety Association of Kenya said govt must have a meeting to address certain issues before introduction of taxes.

“Hatuwezi tukalipa kanjo na hatuna ata choo na shade, barabara inakaa shamba, mutengeneze kila kitu ndio tulipe ,” a bodaboda rider said during the protest.

Ongata Rongai OCS Mathews Masaga called on the operators to allow their leaders to address the issues and should continue with their businesses.

The operators’ officials are in a meeting with the county govt officers to address issues raised.

The riders had said they will not accept being taxed without provision of services by the county.

The county government had demanded they pay a monthly parking fee of sh 250, this is in line with Kajiado County Finance Act 2020 part 1 of the Seventh schedule.

In a letter dated 10th August 2023 from Director Revenue Kajiado North sub county to all motorbikes Saccos and stages, the director ordered an operation this month to check compliance.

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