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Bishop Moses Nguse in his Kajiado office. He is Kajiado Central Sub-County administrator. Photo Kurgat Marindany

Bishop Meeli faults parents over rise of women killings

By Shadrack Tajeu

Church leaders have condemned the rising gender killings in the country especially in institutions of higher learning.

Bishop Moses Meeli Ole Ngusa, the presiding Bishop of Charismatic Epistle Church of Africa, has come out strongly condemning the gender based violence that has lead to deaths of a number of university students across the country.

Bishop Meeli, who is also Sub-county administrator Kajiado West, singled out parent’s irresponsibility being the cause of such inhumane acts.

Addresing press in his office at Kiserian town the Bishop noted that parents are responsible to teach their children at a younger age about good morals.

“Parents should take this as their responsibility, children are like cameras they grow up doing only things they have seen from their parents. If a boy grows to see his father fighting with the mother, the child would always think that becoming a real man is fighting his female partner in future, which is not right” he said.

“As human beings who have knowledge and wisdom we have better ways to solve disputes apart from fighting liking animals,” he added

In higher learning institutions, young people are engaging in relationships that are getting them into real problems.

There have been posts with drawings of axes warning women who receive money from men not to fail to show up in reference to what happened to Ivy Wangeci, the Moi University who was killed recently.

Universities and colleges students mostly engaged in ‘contract relationship’ that doesn’t really focus to marriage therefore ending up heartbreaking one partner.

One student from Kenyatta University said that during holidays ‘University couples’ also break until learning resumes when students come back from their home counties.

“Sometimes these ladies come back to school with changed loyalty to another man which causes violence since the former lover is not ready for a break up at that moment,” he added.

Young people should strengthen trust. People with character enjoy meaningful relationships based on openness, honesty and mutual respect.

Bishop Meeli said that young people must not engage in drug abuse for their lives to be better. He termed cigarette, bhang and alcohol to be dangerous for a person’s behaviour.

He advised youth from the region that even the Maasai culture does not allow some of these behaviours they are seeing in town.

It is high time that people should rethink and update morals and ethics. It’s a strong belief that morals and ethics are the values that differentiate human beings and animals.

No society could progress and continue to exist without moral. But who should manage the society and ensure justice, and be role model for others?

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