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President Uhuru Kenyatta, DP Willium Ruto, former PM Raila Odinga during launch of BBI in Bomas of Kenya. Photo Courtesy

BBI: Up resource allocation to counties to 35 per cent

By Obegi  Malack

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) team has recommended retaining of the 47 counties, it has instead proposed formation of regional blocs.

In the report launched in Bomas of Kenya  by President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President Willium Ruto , former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and BBI team led Senator Mohamed Yusuf Haji, it report recommends the 47 counties to be maintained as the focus of development implementation and the provision of services, while representation and legislation are undertaken in larger regional blocs.

The report recommends increasing the resources allocation to the counties by at least 35% of the last audited accounts and ensuring that the focus is on service delivery in the settled and serviced areas, including for people living near the furthest boundaries.

It recommends state should eliminate sitting allowances of public officers in both the national and the county governments.

The taskforce proposes changes to the County Executive, the running mate of every candidate for the position of Governor being of the opposite gender.

Where a vacancy, for any given reason, occurs in the Deputy Governor’s office, and the Governor fails to appoint a replacement within 90 days, the Speaker of the County Assembly, with the approval of the Assembly, shall nominate a Deputy Governor.

In health matters there should be Health Service Commission, the human resourcing element should be transferred to a Health Service Commission.

It called for financing development of each Ward to at least 30% of the County development budget within the five-year term.

“Cut taxes in relation to Auditor General audits ; it is better that money remains in Kenyans’ pockets until there is more accountability and governance on its use at the National and County levels. Then taxes can be increased with improvement,” the report reads.

The report recommends creation of position of Prime Minister, who will be appointed by the president; he should be an elected Member of the National Assembly from a political party having a majority of Members in the National Assembly.

There is also proposal for creation of position of leader of the Official Opposition; The runner-up of the Presidential election becomes an ex-officio Member of Parliament and the Leader of the Official Opposition with a Shadow Cabinet. All the existing 290 constituencies will be saved.

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