Ancestral land for widows, orphans and elderly ‘grabbed’

Mr Jacob Naikolo Amiyo,a blind victimised Elangata wuas group ranch member. Photo Abdi Hussein

By Abdi Hussein

More than 40 families in Kajiado West Sub County have demanded a share of ancestral land they were allegedly illegally moved from.

They claim some powerful people in the Elangata Wuas Group Ranch have denied them a share of their ancestral land.

 The dejected families were left landless after their plots were allocated to eight people, 18 years after the ranch was subdivided.
According to documents obtained by County Press, the 59,474 Hectare (148,685 acres) Elangata Wuas Group Ranch, originally had 489 members.

The Director of land adjudication granted consent to a committee appointed by members to sub-divide the ranch on 26th March 1990.

Thereafter, 490 portions were curved out for members measuring 270 acres for each with four more extra portions demarcated for public utilities.

However, the land adjudication and titling process is said to have been marred by alleged illegal alienation of land, illegal acquisition and sale of both individual and public land cutting off dozens of genuine members.

Some disinherited Elangata wuas group ranch members during a recent crisis meeting. Photo Abdi Hussein

Orphans, widows, people living with disabilities among others were not allocated anything despite their names appearing on the ranch register.

Mr Jacob Naikolo Amiyo ,blind father of six children, claims to have been denied his land by the certain ranch officials with no apparent reason.

“My condition made me an easy target by the preying officials and now ranch officials have come up with all sorts of claims to shield themselves after stealing from genuine members  and they must be stopped,” said Mr Naikolo.

Elders say some members were kicked out from their land which was acquired by unsuspecting buyers who have fenced off the parcels of land.

Some members have since died but since their next of kin could not access the land for burials, they were buried in public cemeteries.

It is said certan ranch officials who took over leadership in 1997 are being accused of having allocated the parcels of land to their friends and relatives.

Some plots were reportedly  sold to third parties including employees of a telecommunication company and a former top county official among other influential individuals.

Land allocated for public utilities has also been sold to the chagrin of locals.

“The victims were cherry picked by the officials due to their vulnerability and also because it is difficult for them to seek redress.

The officials opened a can of worms by illegally disposing of public utility parcels of land,” claimed area resident Remayian Taiko.

They now want the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and National Land Commission (NLC) to intervene and ensure justice is served to the suffering disinherited members.

Kajiado County Executive Committee Member (CECM) In Charge of Lands department Hamilton Persaina said the Elangata Wuas Ranch land injustices portray some officials’ untamable greed  meted out to the weak.

Mr Persaina said the lands department has been collaborating with relevant government bodies to bring to book the perpetrators of the massive land fraud.

“A  certain senior official is the mastermind of the scheme and soon he will be arrested and arraigned in court,” said Persaina.. It is so painful to see vulnerable members of the community getting disinherited by people who should be championing their rights

He cautioned residents over introducing politics in the grave matter saying land matters are very sensitive that can evoke negative emotions.

Group ranch chairman Kanchori Sinkeel, however refuted the claims of alleged malpractices by officials and assured the disgruntled group that plans have been put in place to settle them.

However, he could not explain how multiple parcels of   lands were registered to him names and non-members when genuine members were left out.

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