By Christine Tarayie
David Saitabao, a farmer in Naserian village Isinya, Kajiado County is counting losses after over 100 sheep were mauled to death by marauding leopards.
The farmer said 59 other sheep went missing and over 40 others seriously injured in the 2am incident.
Saitabao said a unknown number of leopards gained entry into his sheep’s shed during a heavy down pour and attacked the sheep. According to area residents, human-wildlife conflict is rampant in the area and from time to time herders lose livestock to marauding lions, leopards and hyenas especially during rainy season.
Area residents have blamed Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) for failing to compensate them for loss of their livestock.
They claim KWS is quick to arrest and take action against locals when they kill animals but reluctant to respond on calls for help in such incidences. They have now appealed to concerned authorities to ensure they are compensated promptly.
Locals further say they fear for their lives as animals keep roaming in the area forcing children to remain indoors. They have now threatened to kill the marauding animals if no action is taken.

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  1. The kws should take immediate action to compensate the affected family other wise the maasai community we take our action to defend our animals.Let the government compensate as an acceptance of their liability otherwise action is taken against their wild life.

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