21 Covid-19 deaths recorded in one month in Loitokitok

By Abdi Hussein

Kajiado South Subcounty administration has raised a red flag on Covid-19 deaths and new infection upsurge informed by members of public ignorance on Ministry of Health protocols adherence.

According to the county department of health records 21 people have succumbed to Covid-19 related complications in the last one month and more than 400 people contracted the deadly virus within the same period.

The number of deaths is feared to be more as most Covid-19 patients in the region are said to be preferring home care services rather than hospital care.

In a crisis meeting held recently in Loitokitok between security agencies and department of health officers, Kajiado South district Deputy County Commissioner Wesley Koech pegged the Covid-19 upsurge on members of public ignorance to adhere to set guidelines.

“We are experiencing cross border Covid-19 infections. Members of public are ignoring wearing face masks and washing of hands as basic guidelines to curb the spread of deadly virus, Mr Koech said and urged residents to come out in large numbers for Covid-19 jab.

He further cautioned chiefs and their assistants from allowing any form of meetings in their area of jurisdiction, warning local politicians said to be holding secret  political meetings.

“Let members of the public and leaders be reminded all meetings have been suspended by our President. We are aware of few individuals holding secret political meetings in their homesteads. We are coming for them,” he warned.

A spot check at Tarakea border point between Kenya and Tanzania indicates most people use clandestine routes to cross the border thus becoming Covid-19 superspreaders. Face masks are ignored,too.

The trend remains the same at Namanga, one border post where Kenyans cross over to Tanzania especially at the weekend for booze and  attend night parties. Contrary to Kenya 10 pm to dawn curfew, Tanzania authorities have no such restrictions.

To avoid stringent measures put up at the busy border point most revellers use clandestine routes for their escapades.

The Namanga mobile laboratory is up and running targeting hundreds of truck drivers. The laboratory has a capacity to handle between 500 to 600 samples daily and giving results within five hours, thus minimising earlier reported delays.

Kajiado County director of health, Dr Ezekiel Kapkoni said Loitokitok have been hit hard by the Delta variant. He also took issue with low vaccination uptake in the last two weeks in the region.

“Delta variant has hit hard at the populous  Loitokitok and its environs compared to other variants. Members of public have been skeptical on accepting the vaccination but we have noticed a sharp increase of members of public seeking the jab in the last one week,” said Dr Kapkoni.

The Ministry of Health has classified Kajiado county among the Covid-19 hotspot counties due to proximity to capital city and the porous Kenya-Tanzania  border. The first case of Corona virus was reported in Ongata Rongai town, Kajiado county,on March 12, 2020.

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